Disability Advocates In D.C. Area Needed To Help Protect Medicaid

Not Dead Yet is among many disability organizations that work to protect and expand health care programs for all people. The disability community significantly depends on publicly funded health care. In general, the private insurance industry sees many of us as a drain on their bottom lines. It’s not complex economics, but simple revenue (premiums) minus expenses (health care provided) equals net profit. Public relations language about “consumer choice” and “access” to coverage cannot hide this simple equation.

Next Wednesday, disability advocates will have an opportunity to support federal legislators who are working to protect Medicaid by attending a press conference being led by Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey. Here are the details from the Senator’s advisory:

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) will lead the disability community in a opposing TrumpCare’s decimation of Medicaid, Wednesday, March 22nd at 11:00am. Joined by disability advocates from across the nation and members of the Senate, Casey will detail how TrumpCare ends Medicaid by turning it into a block-grant program, resulting in $880 billion in cuts over the next decade. TrumpCare’s draconian cuts to Medicaid will mean substantially less care for those with disabilities.

March 22nd Details

Event:                   #SaveMedicaid
Date:                       Wednesday, March 22nd
Time:                     11:00-11:45 a.m.
Place:                     East side of the Capitol across from the Senate
Speakers:              Senator Bob Casey and other Members

Not Dead Yet encourages disability advocates to lend their presence and voices to this and other critical efforts to save our healthcare and our lives.

After writing the above, I also saw an announcement that the National Council on Independent Living is calling for simultaneous press conferences across the U.S. You can read their Action Alert here, including a toolkit and other helpful information.

One thought on “Disability Advocates In D.C. Area Needed To Help Protect Medicaid

  1. We had a small, intrepid group (including myself, non-disabled[well, sciatica]) come out to Rubio’s Orlando office yesterday at not-much-notice. We emphasized special needs persons during our 30 minute press conference in front of just about all of central Florida’s media outlets. We feel we helped in a way…got pretty good “evening news coverage”

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