NY Court of Appeals Rally – Two Photos and Coverage

NDY activists from across the state rallied Tuesday, May 30th on a cold and rainy afternoon outside the New York Court of Appeals. The friend-of-the-court brief filed by NDY and joined by ten other national and state Disability Rights Amici was mentioned twice during oral argument in the case, favorably, by counsel for the Attorney General and by one of the Justices. The recorded webcast of the argument is scheduled to be posted online on the Court’s website next week. Two photos are below, followed by some links to news coverage. Two additional photos appeared in the Albany Times Union story, though the disability advocates were not mentioned in the text.

Eight disability advocates lined up on sidewalk at Court building, in rain gear, all behind two hot pink parade banners with the words “Not Dead Yet, We want to live!”
Eight disability advocates lined up in front of Court building, two in wheelchairs, all in rain gear, with a hot pink NDY banner and signs saying “Help to Live, Not to Die”, “Lethal Drugs Are Not Healthcare,” and “Stop Assisted Suicide.”

N.Y.’s highest court hears case on ‘aid in dying’ (Times Union, 5/30/17) [2 photos]

Attorney’s argue for terminally ill patients’ right to die (WNYT, 5/30/17) [Anita Cameron, NDY Director of Minority Outreach, interviewed & protest footage]

Advocates push for right to die legislation (Albany News 10 ABC, 5/30/17) [Adam Prizio, NDY attorney, interviewed & protest footage]

New York’s high court hears physician-assisted suicide case (Rochester News 10 NBC, 5/30/17)

Defense arguments in Myers v. Schneiderman – public radio interview of disability attorney Adam Prizio by Alyssa Plock (Capitol Pressroom, 5/30/17) [Transcript in process]

NY’s highest court to weigh physician-assisted suicide lawsuit (Newsday, 5/28/17)

New York Appeals Court To Hear Case on Doctor Aid in Dying (Wall Street Journal, 5/22/17) [WSJ subscribers version, NY Alliance Against Assisted Suicide version, Diane Coleman, NDY President/CEO, interviewed]

A decision is expected sometime this summer.

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