National ADAPT Saves Our Lives and Liberty AGAIN!

Deja Vu. The last time Congress proposed to decimate Medicaid and insurance protections, National ADAPT came to the rescue. We linked to some of the impressive coverage in this blog.

Now they’ve done it again, saved the lives and liberty of millions – again! One tweet said, “In 2017, the cavalry doesn’t ride on horses. It rides on wheelchairs.”

Here are a few links to coverage of yesterday’s efforts.

Hundreds Protest GOP Health Bill Outside Hearing

Chaos erupted at a Senate hearing on the GOP healthcare bill as protesters were dragged out and arrested

Nearly 200 Protesters Arrested Demonstrating Against GOP Health Care Bill

Trumpcare Is Dead. Long Live the Trumpcare Opposition.

Today, ADAPT is at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, protesting the torture of people with disabilities at the infamous Judge Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts, and demanding that HHS make our Supreme Court affirmed civil right to in-home long term care services more than words on a page, but a reality of liberty and justice for all.

For more, go to National ADAPT and #ADAPTandRESIST.

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