Not Dead Yet’s Op Ed articles

Leaders and activists from Not Dead Yet, Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund and Second Thoughts and our disability rights movement colleagues have written numerous opinion pieces published in mainstream newspapers and online news outlets.  Here are examples:

Wendi Wicks: Justice committee members all voted for Seymour’s bill (NZ Herald, 12/22/17)

Lawrence Carter-Long: Assisted Suicide Is No Choice At All (Real Clear Policy, 12/13/17)

Mike Volkman: ‘Death with dignity’ devalues disability (Albany Times Union, 11/27/17)

Sarah K. Lanzo: Would you want to be in this position? (Lockport Union Sun & Journal, 6/30/17)

Mike Reynolds: Assisted suicide not right for Maine (Sun Journal, 4/2/17)

John Kelly: Reader View: Assisted suicide bill — it deserved to die (Santa Fe New Mexican, 3/21/17)

Anne Studholme: ‘Safeguards’ in N.J.’s assisted suicide legislation would be ineffectual (NJ Star Ledger, 10/20/16)

Liz Carr: Legalising assisted dying is dangerous for disabled people. Not compassionate (The Guardian, 9/9/16)

Hollynn D’Lil: Close to Home: ‘Me Before You,’ ‘right to die’ law devalues those with disabilities (Press Democrat, 6/5/16)

Meghan Schoeffling:  Caregiver Group Slams Doctor-Assisted Suicide Bill (City Limits, 3/25/16)

Samantha Crane:  Aid in living, not dying (Baltimore Sun, 2/24/16)

Anita Cameron:  I choose to live! (Pueblo Chieftain, 1/30/16)

Carrie Ann Lucas: Legalizing assisted suicide in Colorado would threaten disabled (Denver Post, 1/25/16)

Stephanie Woodward: Why disabled people like me fear medically assisted suicide (, 11/6/15)

Stephen Drake: Don’t buy into ‘aid in dying’ (Democrat and Chronicle, 10/30/15)

Lindsay Baran & Anne Sommers: Doctor-prescribed suicide is never the answer (Washington Examiner, 10/19/15)

Emily Munson: Assisted suicide raises troubling issues (IndyStar, 9/26/15)

Marg Hall: Killing us softly (San Jose Mercury News, 5/15/15)

Diane Coleman:  Why disability rights advocates oppose assisted suicide (Syracuse Post Standard, 5/11/15)

Lisa Blumberg:  Op-Ed: Physician-assisted suicide is not a choice issue (CT Mirror, 3/25/15)

Duane French:  Dead Ahead? Activist questions proposed “Right to Die” legislation (Anchorage Press, 3/19/15)

John Kelly:  Say ‘no’ to assisted-suicide expansion (Oregonian, 3/18/15)

Stephen Mendelsohn: Op-Ed: Assisted suicide would be fraught with problems and abuses (CT Mirror, 3/6/15)

John Kelly:  Assisted Suicide Is Still Too Dangerous (, 11/13/14)

Diane Coleman: Who’s really hurt by assisted suicide? (, 11/4/14)

John Kelly: Why Assisted Suicide Laws are More Dangerous Than People Acknowledge (Counterpunch, 11/3/14)

Marilyn Golden: Assisted suicide is bad medicine (Sacramento Bee, 11/1/14)

John Kelly:  Assisted suicide laws are more dangerous than people acknowledge: Opinion (NJ Star-Ledger, 10/31/14)

Marilyn Golden: The danger of assisted suicide laws ( 10/13/14)

Penny Pepper of Not Dead Yet UK: Disabled people like me need help to live, not die (The Guardian, 7/16/14)

John Kelly: Assisted Suicide:  Just Too Dangerous ( 6/26/14)

Diane Coleman: NJ Assisted Suicide Proposal is Dangerous Prescription (Trenton Times 8/10/13)

Diane Coleman: The dangerous ‘help’ of assisted suicide (New Jersey Star Ledger 7/23/13)

John B. Kelly: Why to vote no on Mass. Question 2 (Providence Journal 10/31/12)

Marilyn Golden:  Too Many Flaws in Assisted-Suicide Laws (New York Times 4/10/12)

Diane Coleman & Stephen Drake: ‘Second Thoughts’ Grow on Assisted Suicide (Wall Street Journal 4/5/12)

Marilyn Golden:  What you don’t know can kill you (Capitol Weekly 4/26/07)

Diane Coleman:  States’ rights versus civil rights (Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9/28/05)

Diane Coleman:  Deadly Tactics (Chicago Tribune 3/17/99)