Canada: CBC Interview with Norm Kunc About Disability Rights Advocates’ Opposition to Legalization of Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide

Below is an embedded video.  It’s an interview of disability rights activist/advocate/scholar/author Norm Kunc.  He was with other anti-assisted suicide/euthanasia protesters in Vancouver yesterday.  A trancript of the interview is provided below video.  I transcribed it myself, so I cannot guarantee it’s error-free, but it’s at worst pretty darn close to verbatim.

Norm Kunc:
Well, I’m trying to make it known that the disability rights community has serious concerns about the legalization of euthanization. When you cut through the arguments on each side, there is one fundamental difference. Those people in favor of legalization believe that they can have a choice to end their own life without having an impact on disabled people. The disability rights community, we say that’s naïve; If we legalize euthanasia based on anecdotal end of life experiences, there will be systemic repercussions in terms of our health system, our legal system – it will have a profound detrimental impact on people with disabilities.

CBC Reporter: What do you fear would happen in your situation?

Norm Kunc:
Right now, I know many of our friends with severe disabilities when they go in the hospital, Do Not Resuscitate orders are placed on their doors without their consent. If we legalize euthanasia, that Do Not Resuscitate order will have more credibility. I think we have to look at the society. There is a pervasive subtle devaluation of people with disabilities. And we can’t believe we can make neutral court decisions apart from those social values. (in answer to unheard question) I have cerebral palsy.