Disability rights advocates from Not Dead Yet, Second Thoughts and our disability community allies often appear in mainstream and other media coverage of the issues we address.

New ‘Instructions’ Could Let Dementia Patients Refuse Spoon-Feeding (Kaiser Health News, 11/03/17)

State has a proper role in suicide cases – Coleman letter to editor (Newsday, 10/25/17)

Coleman interview on Nicole Beilman murder-suicide (Spectrum News Rochester, 10/06/17 – no online version available)

Terminally ill man loses high court fight to end his life (The Guardian, 10/05/17)

ADAPT Is Fighting for You, Whether You Know It or Not (Splinter News, 10/02/17)

Arresting Disabled Bodies (New Republic, 9/28/17)

Lawmakers and Patients Rights Advocates Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Assisted Suicide (, 9/28/17)

Disability Groups, Lawmakers Condemn Assisted Suicide (Free Beacon, 9/28/17)

Both sides make emotional pleas as lawmakers oppose physician-assisted suicide in D.C. (Washington Times, 9/27/17)

Assisted Suicide Bill Would Show Disabled the Door, Opponents Say (New Boston Post, 9/25/17)

Dying on our terms (Boston Herald, 09/22/17)

No Assisted Suicide Right, New York Court Says (Bloomberg Law, 9/14/17)

Fight continues to legalize Aid in Dying in New York (TV Cha 10 Albany, 9/8/17)

Preserving life in New York (World Magazine, 9/8/17)

Jerika Bolen | Continuing the debate about right-to-die issues (USA Today Network-Wisc., 8/27/17)

Radio Dispatch with the Knefels: Anita Cameron on ADAPT (, 8/21/17)

If You Celebrated the Health Care Vote Last Week, You Should Probably Thank a Disability Activist (Elle, 8/1/17)

Disabled and Disobedient: How ADAPT Activists Blocked the GOP Healthcare Bill (In These Times, 7/28/17)

Your Call: Medicaid cuts and the Republicans’ latest plan to repeal the ACA (NPR/Your Call, 7/26/17)

This woman has been arrested 131 times fighting for disability rights—and she’s not done yet (Quartz News, 7/22/17)

Will Senate Republicans Have Enough Votes To Pass Their Health Care Bill? (Roland Martin News One, 7/22/17)

Podcast: “That’s just disgusting!” wsg Anita Cameron from National ADAPT (Eclectablog Transcript, 7/20/17)

Disability Protests of TrumpCare (KPFA Pacifica Radio, 6/30/17)

Disabled protesters arrested at Sen. Cory Gardner’s Denver office after 2-day sit-in (Denver Post, 6/29/17)

PHOTOS: Health care protest at Senator Cory Gardner’s office (Denver Post, 6/29/17)

Over 100 Californians ended their lives under state’s right-to-die law (San Jose Mercury News, 6/29/17)

25 protesters arrested inside county GOP HQ (Democrat and Chronicle, 6/28/17)

Protesters stage overnight sit-in at Sen. Gardner’s office over health care bill (KDVR, 6/27/17)

‘Texting suicide’ case could impact assisted suicide legislation (Catholic News Agency, 6/27/17)

Will Senate Republicans Have Enough Votes To Pass Their Health Care Bill? (NewsOneNow, 6/26/17)

Police Haul Off Protesters, Some With Disabilities, From Mitch McConnell’s Office (Huffington Post, 6/22/17)

Dozens arrested after disability advocates protest at McConnell’s office (CNN, 6/22/17)

GOP threat to Medicaid threatens liberty of millions of Americans (Rachel Maddow MSNBC, 6/22/17)

Last Rights: Protecting Life (WCVB Cha. 5, Boston, 6/7/17)

Disability Advocates Make Case for Not Approving Aid in Dying (Capital Tonight, 5/31/17)

Insurance companies denied treatment to patients, offered to pay for assisted suicide, doctor claims (Washington Times, 5/31/17)

N.Y.’s highest court hears case on ‘aid in dying’ (Times Union, 5/30/17)

Attorney’s argue for terminally ill patients’ right to die (WNYT, 5/30/17)

Advocates push for right to die legislation (Albany News 10 ABC, 5/30/17)

New York’s high court hears physician-assisted suicide case (Rochester News 10 NBC, 5/30/17)

Defense arguments in Myers v. Schneiderman – public radio interview of disability attorney Adam Prizio by Alyssa Plock (Capitol Pressroom, 5/30/17) [Transcript in process]

NY’s highest court to weigh physician-assisted suicide lawsuit (Newsday, 5/28/17)

New York Appeals Court To Hear Case on Doctor Aid in Dying (Wall Street Journal, 5/22/17) [WSJ subscribers version, NY Alliance Against Assisted Suicide version]

‘Death with Dignity’ debated at the Legislature (, text only, 5/11/17)

Flanagan Says Doctor-Assisted Suicide Bill Unlikely To Pass (NY State of Politics, 5/10/17)

Aid-in-dying advocates share their stories in final push for legislation (Legislative Gazette, 5/10/17)

Physician Assisted Suicide Legislation Remains Contentious Among State Leaders (, 5/9/17)

Legislative leaders throw cold water on aid in dying’s chances this year (Albany Times Union, 5/9/17)

State lawmakers signal they will not act on physician assisted suicide bill in 2017 (NY Daily News, 5/9/17)

‘Death With Dignity’ Bill Heard for Second Time in House Committee (Alaska Commons, 4/7/17)

Legislators Consider a Bill to Legalize Aid-in-Dying Meds (CBS News Baltimore, 2/16/17)

Faith leaders press, oppose, religious arguments on NY assisted suicide bill (WHEC Rochester, 2/15/17)

This Lawmaker Faults GOP Leadership for Not Blocking DC Assisted Suicide Law (Daily Signal, 2/14/17)

Debating Assisted Death And The Right To Die On Wednesday’s Access Utah (Access Utah, 2/8/17)

Bill Proposes Changes to Death With Dignity Act (Spokane Public Radio, 2/8/17)

Assisted suicide bill introduced in Mass. (Wicked Local, 1/27/17)

Changes to physician-assisted suicide legislation might calm critics’ fears (Legislative Gazette, 1/24/17)

Aid in dying bill proposed in Albany (WRVO & WXXI Public Radio, 1/24/17)

NY again considers doctor-assisted suicide (Journal News, 1/23/17)

Lawmakers in Albany revisit ‘aid in dying’ bill (WROC Cha 8, 1/23/17)

Terminal patients ask New York to legalize help with dying (WHAM Cha 13, 1/23/17)

Advocates for aid in dying reintroduce bill (Albany Times Union, 1/23/17)

2016 People of the Year: The Resisters (New Mobility, 01/01/17)

DC mayor signs Death with Dignity Act (WUSA Cha. 9, 12/20/16)

Efforts to introduce ‘Death with Dignity’ laws in Pa. stall (, 11/26/16)

Suicide with a helping hand worries Iowans on both sides of ‘right to die’ (Des Moines Register, 11/25/16)

Assisted Suicide: a musical that asks us to think critically about the portrayal of euthanasia (The Conversation, 11/21/16)

Everyone should have the right to assisted suicide — or no one should (, 11/21/16)

Right-to-die law: Some say it should expand to Alzheimer’s patients (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/19/16)

Why Dan Diaz Says Late Wife Brittany Maynard Would Be ‘Especially’ Happy About Colorado Right-to-Die Victory (People Magazine, 11/17/16)

After Colorado, ‘Right To Die’ Movement Eyes New Battlegrounds (Kaiser Health News, 11/9/16)

McGovern: Right to die suit may be what the doctor ordered (Boston Herald, 10/27/16)

Assisted-Suicide Fight Moves to Colorado (Wall Street Journal, 10/16/16)

How Advocates For The Poor And Needy Are Leading The Fight Against DC’S Assisted Suicide Bill (Conservative Review, 10/13/16)

Balance of Power: Debate on Colorado End-Of-Life Options Act (Denver Channel 9, 10/9/16)

NJ weighs assisted suicide for terminally ill (My Central New Jersey, 10/7/16)

Aid in dying issue stirs Colorado emotions (Coloradoan, 10/7/16)

Does a Disabled Child Have the Right to Die? (Audio Only) (Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/4/16)

Disability groups call Jerika’s death an injustice (Post Crescent, 9/28/16)

Colorado voters can make the choice much easier for patients like Sheryl Randall (Colorado Springs Independent, 9/28/16)

Debate: Coloradans Will Vote On Medically Assisted Death Proposal (Audio & Transcript) (Colorado Public Radio, 9/26/16)

This Time Voters Will Decide On ‘Right-To-Die’ Law In Colorado (Denver CBS Local, 9/24/16)

Colorado Decides: Proposition 106 – Medical Aid in Dying (Video only) (Colorado Public Television, 9/23/16)

Supporters push D.C.’s right-to-die bill (Washington Times, 9/22/16)

A Public Affair: Prop 106: Colorado End of Life Options Act  (Audio only) (KGNU Community Radio, 9/22/16)

Pro-life, disability rights advocates urge DC City Council to reject assisted suicide (Lifesitenews, 9/22/16)(Extensive quotes from Anne Sommers, NDY Board Chair)

Dignity, Sickness, and Suffering (CBC-Nework, 9/22/16)

Cross Currents-Colorado End of Life Options Act (Audio only) (Aspen Public radio, 9/21/16)

Medical Aid-in-Dying Proposal on November Ballot in Colorado (Bloomberg News, 9/19/16)

NZ Medical Association warns against euthanasia (Radio NZ, 9/14/16)

Wisconsin teen who plans to die avoids media spotlight (Fox News, 9/13/16)

Colorado to Vote on Physician-Assisted Suicide (, 9/13/16)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Sufferer Wants to End Treatment, But Some People Want to Prevent It (CNN Dr. Drew, 9/12/16) (Transcript, You Tube Video)

Assisted Suicide: An All Singing, All Dancing Show (Morning Star, 9/10/16)

Groups inappropriately co-opt Jerika’s case (Post Crescent Editorial Board, 9/9/16)

Disability rights groups seek intervention on Wisconsin teen’s plans to die (Reuters, 9/8/16)

Intervention sought for disabled teen planning to die (, 9/8/16)

Is Wisconsin teen’s decision to die a turning point? (USA Today, 9/8/16)

Jerika Bolen:14 year old teen plans to end her life (, 9/8/16)

Disability Rights Group Challenges Teen’s Right-to-Die Decision (CBS 58, 9/8/16)

Disability groups seek to stop teenager from killing herself after she decided to enter a hospice following her prom (UK Daily Mail, 9/8/16)

Activists fight to stop Wisconsin teen with incurable disease who has decided to die (NY Daily News, 9/7/16)

Groups ask county to stop Jerika Bolen’s planned death (WBAY, 9/7/16)

Disability Activists Want to Stop Jerika Bolen, Teen With Rare Disease, From Ending Her Life (The Mighty, 9/7/16)

Disabled rights groups seek to stop teen’s planned death (AP, 9/7/16)

Group wants investigation into Appleton teen’s decision to end her life (WSAW, 9/7/16)

Disabled rights groups ask county to stop planned death (WAOW, 9/7/16)

Teen’s plan to die has disability groups seeking intervention (USA Today Network, 9/7/16)

Disability groups seek to intervene in teen’s plan to die (USA Today Network, 9/6/16)

For this disability advocate, Colo. assisted suicide measure still not safe (Catholic News Agency, 8/31/16)

Assisted suicide is a deadly mistake (Washington Examiner, 8/20/16)

Assisted suicide to be decided by Colorado voters (News Cha. 13, 8/17/16)

Assisted suicide initiative makes Colorado ballot (The Gazette, 8/15/16)

Terminally ill woman holds party before ending her life (AP, 8/11/16)

Disability rights activists protest against aid-in-dying measure (Colorado Independent, 8/8/16)

Group supporting Colorado right to die law among those to submit petitions for election (Gazette, 8/5/16)

Disability advocates protest film’s showing (Silver City Daily Press, 7/30/16)

Disability Rights Celebrated at Annual ADA Gala Fundraiser (TWC News Rochester, 7/21/16)

Should people who are not terminally ill have the right to die? (New Scientist, 7/20/16)

Video: John Kelly Discusses Film Me Before You (Boston Neighborhood Network News, 7/7/16)

The Volunteers Who Help People End Their Own Lives (The Atlantic, 7/6/16)

Protests of ‘Me Before You’ movie take place around the world (Live Action News, 6/22/16)

What’s the Big Deal with “Me Before You”? (Scout Magazine, 6/21/16)

Vermonters With Disabilities Condemn Stereotypes In Film ‘Me Before You’ (Vermont Public Radio, 6/16/16)

Confronting a ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ With End-of-Life Care in Ethnic Communities (Voice of OC, 6/15/16)

Life with Gracie: Does ‘Me Before You’ encourage suicide? (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6/14/16)

‘Me Before You,’ a movie about a paralyzed man who opts to die, draws protest in Connecticut (New Haven Register, 6/14/16)


‘Me Before You’ sparks controversy over main character with disability (CBS 21 Harrisburg, 6/13/16)

Advocacy Group Protests New Film (, 6/12/16)

Demonstrators head to Bayshore to protest “Me Before You” (, 6/11/16)

Advocacy group protests new movie in Stevens Point (, 6/11/16)

‘Me Before You’ sparks criticism over portrayal of disabled people (WISN Milwaukee, 6/11/16)

The Disability Community Is Pissed AF About ‘Me Before You’ (Huffington Post, 6/10/16)

Me Before You: On Disability, Suicide, and Guts (Crisis Magazine, 6/10/16)

Some Choices You Don’t Get to Make: What’s Wrong with Me Before You (Public Discourse, 6/10/16)

‘Me Before You’ controversy puts Hollywood on notice (MSNBC, 6/10/16)

Brittany Maynard’s Husband on California’s Right-to-Die Law Taking Effect: ‘I’m Just Immensely Proud of Brittany’ (People, 6/10/16)

The “Me Before You” Backlash Was Bigger Than Anyone Expected (Buzzfeed, 6/9/16)

‘Me Before You’ Sparks Controversy Over Message About Disability (PopCrush, 6/7/16)

‘Me Before You’ Storyline Sparks Criticism From Hollywood’s Disabled Community (Hollywood Reporter, 6/6/16)

Me Before You Critics Take Issue With the Movie’s Ending, Depiction of Disabled People (Jezebel, 6/6/16)

Activists decry film they say encourages disabled to commit suicide (, 6/6/16)

Me Before You Turns ‘Death With Dignity’ Debate Into Cinderella Story (LifeMattersMedia, 6/6/16)

Starting Thursday, Stanislaus County patients will have right-to-die option (, 6/4/16)

Disability rights protest condemns film as ‘snuff movie’ (Berkeleyside, 6/3/16)

Disability rights advocates protest ‘Me Before You’ film at Cinemark Towson (ABC News 2 Baltimore, 6/3/16)

Me Before You: why are disabled rights groups angry about Emilia Clarke’s new film? (UK Telegraph, 6/3/16)

Disabling Hollywood’s Barriers: An Interview with Director, Activist Dominick Evans (Film Obsession, 6/3/16)

Disability Advocates React to ‘Me Before You’: ‘Our Suicides’ Are ‘Tragedies’ (Daily Signal, 6/3/16)

Critics protest ‘Me Before You’ as a pro-euthanasia message (Boston Post, 6/3/16)

Life is worth living, disability rights activists claim in protest against the film ‘Me Before You’ (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 6/3/16)

Disability rights advocates protest “Me Before You” film (WHAM Cha. 13, 6/3/16)

‘Me Before You’ has a disabled main character — but activists are angry. Here’s why. (Washington Post, 6/3/16)

The Inaccurate and Dangerous Message of “Me Before You” (New Mobility, 6/3/16)

‘Me Before You’ movie spurs disabled-rights protests over pro-suicide message (Washington Times, 6/3/16)

Emilia Clarke’s Me Before You Slammed As ‘Disability Snuff Movie’ (Yahoo Movies, 5/27/16)

Why Some Disability Rights Activists Are Protesting ‘Me Before You’ (Self, 5/26/16)

‘Me Before You’ Criticized For Its Portrayal Of Disability (Huffington Post, 5/25/16)

Aid in dying bill clears hurdle in state Assembly (Staten Island Advance, 5/24/16)

Physican-assisted suicide takes step forward in NY (Syracuse Post Standard, 5/24/16)

4 years in prison for suburban woman who killed disabled daughter (Chicago Tribune, 5/19/16)

Right to die debate (news video with Stephanie Woodward, WHEC, 5/10/16)

Lawmakers announce omnibus ‘aid-in-dying’ bill (Politico, 5/10/16)

NY Lawmakers introduce aid-in-dying bill (News 10 ABC, 5/10/16)

Aid-In-Dying Legislation Combined (NY State of Politics, 5/10/16)

The Journal News holds ‘aid in dying’ debate (lohud – The Journal News, 4/26/16)

Beginning of the end for granny: California to permit medically assisted suicide (Natural News, 4/7/16)

California mulls assisted suicide hotline (Fox News, 4/1/16)

California Senate Committee Approves End-of-Life Help Line (California Healthline, 3/31/16)

Capitol Pressroom: Adam Prizio and Lisa Tarricone (WCNY Public Radio Minutes 21-37, 3/23/16)

R.I. hearing on bill to let terminally ill end own lives (Providence Journal, 3/22/16)

Doctor-assisted suicide proposal tabled after emotional hearing (Star Tribune, 3/17/16)

BC lawmaker’s bill would give terminally ill the right to die (Cha. 12, 3/16/16)

Minnesota’s assisted-suicide bill withdrawn after impassioned testimony (Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 3/16/16)

Legislators Introduce Bill To Legalize Assisted Suicide In Minnesota (WCCO CBS MN, 3/16/16)

New York Gets in on Right to Die Legislation Debate (NY1 – Time Warner, 3/15/16)

Terminally ill California residents will be able to legally end their lives with medication prescribed by a doctor beginning June 9 (AP, 3/10/16)

California’s ‘Physician-Assisted Suicide’ Law To Take Effect in June (KQED News, 3/10/16)

‘Death with Dignity’ opponents argue for better end-of-life care (WNYT Cha. 13, 3/8/16)

Bioethicist’s Unprincipled Attack on Not Dead Yet (National Review, 3/8/16)

Vigil Honors People With Disabilities Killed By Caretakers (The Flat Hat, 3/8/16)

Disability Rights Groups Against Aid in Dying (NY Capital Tonight, 3/3/16)

‘Right to die’ or just wrong? (Daily Messenger, 2/21/16)

Death with dignity bill draws supporters, opponents at conference (WHAM Cha. 13, 2/21/16)

Sides discuss NY proposal for aid in dying (Democrat and Chronicle, 2/18/16)

Group seeks to legalize assisted suicide in New York (WHEC Cha. 10, 2/10/16)

Right-to-die bill rejected by Senate State Affairs Committee (Associated Press, 2/3/16)

Assisted suicide bill to be proposed in Colorado next week (Denver Post, 1/28/16)

Right to die is tricky (Newsday, 1/27/16)

Frederick woman advocates for Death with Dignity bill (Frederick News Post, 1/18/16)

Right To Die Activists Push To Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide In NY State (WSKG Public Radio, 1/18/16)

PA Lawmakers push to legalize medical aid-in-dying (Fox Cha. 43, 11/24/15)

Right-to-die fight takes shape in New York (Al Jazeera, 11/20/15)

Doctor-prescribed suicide back on Beacon Hill (The Pilot, 11/6/15)

D.C. Takes Up The Assisted Suicide Debate (WAMU 88.5 & text, 11/6/15)

Lawmakers hear right-to-die bill (Huntington News, 11/5/15)

Assisted-suicide bill faces uncertain path on Beacon Hill (New Boston Post, 11/4/15)

Legalizing Death (Univision, English & Spanish versions, unspecified date after 10/5/15)

Both Sides of Right-to-Die Battle Sound Off at State House ( w/ video, 10/27/15)

Assisted suicide bill draws heartfelt testimony pro and con (New Boston Post, 10/27/15)

Right-to-die supporters, opponents square-off on Beacon Hill (WCVB Cha. 5, 10/27/15)

Familiar Faces at Aid-in-Dying Hearing in Massachusetts (Hartford Courant, 10/27/15)

Some terminally ill adults want more end-of-life options (WWLP Cha. 22, 10/27/15)

Assisted-suicide measure poses threat to poor and disabled, advocates say (New Boston Post, 10/26/15)

Hearing on assisted dying bill due today on Beacon Hill (State House News Service, 10/26/15)

Physician-assisted suicide bill sparks Massachusetts debate (Mass Live/Springfield Republican, 10/26/15)

Disability rights activists protest Princeton philosopher Peter Singer (Daily Northwestern, 10/25/15)

Disability Rights Advocates Fight Back After California Passes Assisted Suicide (Daily Signal, 10/9/15)

Experts in Bay Area Jewish community weigh in on California’s new aid-in-dying law (JWeekly, 10/8/15)

US Advocacy Group Claims Mistakes, Abuse Occur During Euthanasia Process (Sputnik News, 10/7/15)

California’s New Right-To-Die Law, A Debate Nevada Has Yet To Have (KOLO News Cha. 8, 10/6/15)

California Governor Signs Landmark Right-To-Die Law (WGCU News, 10/6/15)

California governor signs right-to-die bill sought by Brittany Maynard (National Catholic Reporter, 10/6/15)

California Legalizes Medical Assisted Suicide (CBN News, 10/6/15)

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs right-to-die bill into law (HealthDay News, 10/6/15)

California Gov. Brown Signs Aid-in-Dying Bill Into Law (Kaiser Health News, 10/5/15)

California Governor Signs Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Into Law (KQED, 10/5/15)

How assisted suicide will work in California (LA Times, 10/5/15)

California governor signs bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide (Reuters, 10/5/15)

Those For and Against Right-to-Die Bill Rally Outside Capitol (KTXL-TV, 9/24/15)

Video: Competing Capitol rallies urge action on assisted death (Sacramento Bee, 9/24/15)

California Lawmakers Pass Right-to-Die Measure (US News & World Report/HealthDay, 9/14/15)

Is California ready to for a right-to-die law? (Christian Science Monitor, 9/12/15)

A matter of life and death (Standard Issue Magazine, 9/12/15)

Assisted dying bill overwhelmingly rejected by MPs (Guardian, 9/12/15)

Shock as ‘right to die’ for the terminally ill law is overwhelmingly defeated by MPs after highly-charged four-hour debate (Daily Mail, NDY photos but no quotes, 9/11/15)

The Assisted Dying Bill was crushed today, thanks to doctors and disability groups (The Spectator, 9/11/15)

Protests As MPs Debate Assisted Dying Bill (Sky News, 9/11/15)

Brittany Maynard’s right-to-die movement continues (CBS News, 9/10/15)

California Right-to-Die Measure Could Soon Become Law (HealthDay News, 9/10/15)

California lawmakers approve assisted dying legislation (The Guardian, 9/9/15)

Disability Matters Radio Show Interviews NDY’s Diane Coleman (Audio LinkTranscript Link, 9/8/15)

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Advances as Backers Add Sunset Clause (KQED, 9/4/15)

Revived California right-to-die bill clears first hurdle in Assembly committee (San Jose Mercury News, 9/2/15)

California legislators revive right-to-die bill (San Jose Mercury News, 8/18/15)

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Revived in Special Session (KQED, 8/18/15)

Even in D.C., the Death With Dignity Debate Comes With Strong Emotions and Fears (Washington City Paper, 7/24/15)

As assisted suicide laws spread, cancer survivors, disabled object (McClatchy, 7/13/15)

Judge weighs whether to allow John Jay Hooker aid in dying (The Tennessean, 7/10/15)

Is the ‘Death Panel’ Debate Dead? (U.S. News & World Report, 7/9/15)

OAKLAND: Right-to-die legislation abruptly put on hold (KTVU Fox 2, 7/8/15)

Disability rights campaigner Jane Campbell: ‘In the Lords, I’m still a radical activist’ (The Guardian, 7/8/15)

The End for ‘Brittany’s Bill’? Legislators Balk at Doctor-Assisted Suicide for the Terminally Ill (California Magazine, 7/6/15)

Death with Dignity-Albany works on aid-in-dying bill (Albany Times Union, 7/1/15)

Disabled rights advocates fight assisted suicide legislation (USA Today, 6/28/15)

California bill would allow aid in dying (Bay Area Reporter, 6/18/15)

Disability Rights Groups Want Princeton to Denounce Peter Singer’s Viewpoints on Euthanasia (Aleteia, 6/18/15)

Princeton bioethics professor faces calls for resignation over infanticide support (Washington Times, 6/16/15)

Disability activists protest Princeton Prof. Peter Singer (Princeton Campus Reform, 6/16/15)

Protestors Demand Princeton Fire Tenured Professor Who They Say Advocates Killing Disabled Babies (NJTV News, 6/12/15)

Disability activists call for Princeton University professor Peter Singer’s resignation (, 6/10/15)

A good life deserves a good death (Tennessean, 6/10/15)

Protesters Block Nassau Street, Call for Princeton Professor Peter Singer’s Resignation (, 6/10/15)

John Jay Hooker pleads for physician-assisted suicide (Associated Press, 6/9/15)

Physician-assisted death law in TN is anything but certain (Tennessean, 6/9/15)

Assisted suicide: bad medicine for California (, 6/1/15)

Assisted Suicide, from the perspective of the Disabled (Indeepradio Podcasts, Show #87 Hour 1 May 30, 2015 | Mark Romoser, Posted: Thu, 04 Jun 2015 16:16:57 GMT)

NZ and UK battle same Euthanasia question (Yahoo New Zealand, 5/28/15)

‘I do not lack courage’ (Radio New Zealand News, 5/26/15)

California Medical Association drops opposition to assisted suicide (Sacramento Bee, 5/20/15)

Fighting for Her Choice: ‘A More Dignified and Peaceful Death’ (LA Times, 5/19/15)

Physician-assisted suicide supporters try courts to win legalization (Modern Healthcare, 5/16/15)

Disability-Rights Champions Against Assisted Suicide (National Review, 5/16/15)

House Votes Against Repealing End-of-Life Law (Seven Days VT, 4/29/15)

Connecticut Threepeat: Assisted-Suicide Bid Shut Down (National Catholic Register, 4/28/15)

Maryland lawmakers table proposed assisted suicide bill (Catholic Standard, 4/23/15)

Half the states look at right-to-die legislation (USA Today, 4/16/15)

Assisted suicide: help the rich to not get too much care (SFGate/Chronicle, 4/10/15)

In US, Growing Push for ‘Aid in Dying’ for Terminally Ill (Herald Globe, 4/9/15)

Proponents Say Aid-In-Dying Bill Is Dead (CT News Junkie, 4/8/15)

Aid-In-Dying Bill Fails To Get A Vote By Legislative Committee (Hartford Courant, 4/8/15)

Reflections on Haleigh Poutre’s escape from euthanasia (Arms Open Wide, 4/3/15)

Proposed bill allowing assisted suicide in Delaware faces opposition from medical society (AP, 4/3/15)

Support strengthening for assisted suicide in CA (CA Political Review, 4/3/15)

‘Death with dignity’ bill extinguished without a vote (Baltimore Sun, 4/2/15)

‘Assisted Suicide: The Musical’ gets Unlimited seal of approval (Disability News Service, 3/27/15)

California Senate Committee Advances Right-To-Die Legislation (California Healthline, 3/26/15)

California aid-in-dying measure passes first committee (Sacramento Bee, 3/25/15)

Aid-in-dying bill passed by California Senate panel (Los Angeles Times, 3/25/15)

From beyond grave, support for Monning’s end-of-life bill (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/25/15)

On third try, assisted suicide bill takes different tack (Yale Daily News, 3/25/15)

How Brittany Maynard Became a ‘Death with Dignity’ Advocate (People, 3/24/15)

“Pushing Limits” with Stephen Drake on DRLC (Transcript) (KPFA radio, 3/20/15)

People tell stories at hearing for ‘aid in dying’ bill (FoxCT, 3/18/15)

Hundreds turn out as Connecticut debates aid in dying measure (New Haven Register, 3/18/15)

The end-of-life debate (CT Mirror, 3/18/15)

‘Aid-in-dying’ hearing stirs strong debate on both sides ( Cha 3, 3/18/15)

“Aid in Dying” or “Assisted Suicide?”; lawmakers look over bill (wtnh news 8, 3/16/15)

Both Sides Get Ready To Debate End of Life Issues (CT New Junkie, 3/16/15)

On polarizing end-of-life issue, what changes minds? (CT Mirror, 3/16/15)

Should euthanasia be legalised across Europe? (Debating Europe, 3/16/15)

Inside a Terminally Ill Mom’s Fight to Live – and Die – Her Way (People, 3/11/15)

Civil, disability rights groups clash over ‘death with dignity’ bill (Daily Record, 3/10/15)

Aid-In-Dying Photo Display Back At The State Capitol (Hartford Courant, 3/4/15)

Disability rights group concerned over voluntary euthanasia (, 3/3/15)

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