Disability rights advocates from Not Dead Yet, Second Thoughts and our disability community allies often appear in mainstream and other media coverage of the issues we address.

Medical Aid-In-Dying Advocates Begin Campaign (Spectrum News, 01/09/18)

Alive Inside: How a Houston hospital restores people with severe brain injuries (Houston Chronicle, Coleman quoted in chapter 4, 11/29/17)

Connections: How the media covers the murders of people with disabilities by caregivers (WXXI Public Radio, 11/17/17)

New ‘Instructions’ Could Let Dementia Patients Refuse Spoon-Feeding (Kaiser Health News, 11/03/17)

State has a proper role in suicide cases – Coleman letter to editor (Newsday, 10/25/17)

Coleman interview on Nicole Beilman murder-suicide (Spectrum News Rochester, 10/06/17 – no online version available)

Terminally ill man loses high court fight to end his life (The Guardian, 10/05/17)

ADAPT Is Fighting for You, Whether You Know It or Not (Splinter News, 10/02/17)

Arresting Disabled Bodies (New Republic, 9/28/17)

Lawmakers and Patients Rights Advocates Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Assisted Suicide (, 9/28/17)

Disability Groups, Lawmakers Condemn Assisted Suicide (Free Beacon, 9/28/17)

Both sides make emotional pleas as lawmakers oppose physician-assisted suicide in D.C. (Washington Times, 9/27/17)

Assisted Suicide Bill Would Show Disabled the Door, Opponents Say (New Boston Post, 9/25/17)

Dying on our terms (Boston Herald, 09/22/17)

No Assisted Suicide Right, New York Court Says (Bloomberg Law, 9/14/17)

Fight continues to legalize Aid in Dying in New York (TV Cha 10 Albany, 9/8/17)

Preserving life in New York (World Magazine, 9/8/17)

Jerika Bolen | Continuing the debate about right-to-die issues (USA Today Network-Wisc., 8/27/17)

Radio Dispatch with the Knefels: Anita Cameron on ADAPT (, 8/21/17)

If You Celebrated the Health Care Vote Last Week, You Should Probably Thank a Disability Activist (Elle, 8/1/17)

Disabled and Disobedient: How ADAPT Activists Blocked the GOP Healthcare Bill (In These Times, 7/28/17)

Your Call: Medicaid cuts and the Republicans’ latest plan to repeal the ACA (NPR/Your Call, 7/26/17)

This woman has been arrested 131 times fighting for disability rights—and she’s not done yet (Quartz News, 7/22/17)

Will Senate Republicans Have Enough Votes To Pass Their Health Care Bill? (Roland Martin News One, 7/22/17)

Podcast: “That’s just disgusting!” wsg Anita Cameron from National ADAPT (Eclectablog Transcript, 7/20/17)

Disability Protests of TrumpCare (KPFA Pacifica Radio, 6/30/17)

Disabled protesters arrested at Sen. Cory Gardner’s Denver office after 2-day sit-in (Denver Post, 6/29/17)

PHOTOS: Health care protest at Senator Cory Gardner’s office (Denver Post, 6/29/17)

Over 100 Californians ended their lives under state’s right-to-die law (San Jose Mercury News, 6/29/17)

25 protesters arrested inside county GOP HQ (Democrat and Chronicle, 6/28/17)

Protesters stage overnight sit-in at Sen. Gardner’s office over health care bill (KDVR, 6/27/17)

‘Texting suicide’ case could impact assisted suicide legislation (Catholic News Agency, 6/27/17)

Will Senate Republicans Have Enough Votes To Pass Their Health Care Bill? (NewsOneNow, 6/26/17)

Police Haul Off Protesters, Some With Disabilities, From Mitch McConnell’s Office (Huffington Post, 6/22/17)

Dozens arrested after disability advocates protest at McConnell’s office (CNN, 6/22/17)

GOP threat to Medicaid threatens liberty of millions of Americans (Rachel Maddow MSNBC, 6/22/17)

Last Rights: Protecting Life (WCVB Cha. 5, Boston, 6/7/17)

Disability Advocates Make Case for Not Approving Aid in Dying (Capital Tonight, 5/31/17)

Insurance companies denied treatment to patients, offered to pay for assisted suicide, doctor claims (Washington Times, 5/31/17)

N.Y.’s highest court hears case on ‘aid in dying’ (Times Union, 5/30/17)

Attorney’s argue for terminally ill patients’ right to die (WNYT, 5/30/17)

Advocates push for right to die legislation (Albany News 10 ABC, 5/30/17)

New York’s high court hears physician-assisted suicide case (Rochester News 10 NBC, 5/30/17)

Defense arguments in Myers v. Schneiderman – public radio interview of disability attorney Adam Prizio by Alyssa Plock (Capitol Pressroom, 5/30/17) [Transcript in process]

NY’s highest court to weigh physician-assisted suicide lawsuit (Newsday, 5/28/17)

New York Appeals Court To Hear Case on Doctor Aid in Dying (Wall Street Journal, 5/22/17) [WSJ subscribers version, NY Alliance Against Assisted Suicide version]

‘Death with Dignity’ debated at the Legislature (, text only, 5/11/17)

Flanagan Says Doctor-Assisted Suicide Bill Unlikely To Pass (NY State of Politics, 5/10/17)

Aid-in-dying advocates share their stories in final push for legislation (Legislative Gazette, 5/10/17)

Physician Assisted Suicide Legislation Remains Contentious Among State Leaders (, 5/9/17)

Legislative leaders throw cold water on aid in dying’s chances this year (Albany Times Union, 5/9/17)

State lawmakers signal they will not act on physician assisted suicide bill in 2017 (NY Daily News, 5/9/17)

‘Death With Dignity’ Bill Heard for Second Time in House Committee (Alaska Commons, 4/7/17)

Legislators Consider a Bill to Legalize Aid-in-Dying Meds (CBS News Baltimore, 2/16/17)

Faith leaders press, oppose, religious arguments on NY assisted suicide bill (WHEC Rochester, 2/15/17)

This Lawmaker Faults GOP Leadership for Not Blocking DC Assisted Suicide Law (Daily Signal, 2/14/17)

Debating Assisted Death And The Right To Die On Wednesday’s Access Utah (Access Utah, 2/8/17)

Bill Proposes Changes to Death With Dignity Act (Spokane Public Radio, 2/8/17)

Assisted suicide bill introduced in Mass. (Wicked Local, 1/27/17)

Changes to physician-assisted suicide legislation might calm critics’ fears (Legislative Gazette, 1/24/17)

Aid in dying bill proposed in Albany (WRVO & WXXI Public Radio, 1/24/17)

NY again considers doctor-assisted suicide (Journal News, 1/23/17)

Lawmakers in Albany revisit ‘aid in dying’ bill (WROC Cha 8, 1/23/17)

Terminal patients ask New York to legalize help with dying (WHAM Cha 13, 1/23/17)

Advocates for aid in dying reintroduce bill (Albany Times Union, 1/23/17)

2016 People of the Year: The Resisters (New Mobility, 01/01/17)

DC mayor signs Death with Dignity Act (WUSA Cha. 9, 12/20/16)

Efforts to introduce ‘Death with Dignity’ laws in Pa. stall (, 11/26/16)

Suicide with a helping hand worries Iowans on both sides of ‘right to die’ (Des Moines Register, 11/25/16)

Assisted Suicide: a musical that asks us to think critically about the portrayal of euthanasia (The Conversation, 11/21/16)

Everyone should have the right to assisted suicide — or no one should (, 11/21/16)

Right-to-die law: Some say it should expand to Alzheimer’s patients (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/19/16)

Why Dan Diaz Says Late Wife Brittany Maynard Would Be ‘Especially’ Happy About Colorado Right-to-Die Victory (People Magazine, 11/17/16)

After Colorado, ‘Right To Die’ Movement Eyes New Battlegrounds (Kaiser Health News, 11/9/16)

McGovern: Right to die suit may be what the doctor ordered (Boston Herald, 10/27/16)

Assisted-Suicide Fight Moves to Colorado (Wall Street Journal, 10/16/16)

How Advocates For The Poor And Needy Are Leading The Fight Against DC’S Assisted Suicide Bill (Conservative Review, 10/13/16)

Balance of Power: Debate on Colorado End-Of-Life Options Act (Denver Channel 9, 10/9/16)

NJ weighs assisted suicide for terminally ill (My Central New Jersey, 10/7/16)

Aid in dying issue stirs Colorado emotions (Coloradoan, 10/7/16)

Does a Disabled Child Have the Right to Die? (Audio Only) (Wisconsin Public Radio, 10/4/16)

Disability groups call Jerika’s death an injustice (Post Crescent, 9/28/16)

Colorado voters can make the choice much easier for patients like Sheryl Randall (Colorado Springs Independent, 9/28/16)

Debate: Coloradans Will Vote On Medically Assisted Death Proposal (Audio & Transcript) (Colorado Public Radio, 9/26/16)

This Time Voters Will Decide On ‘Right-To-Die’ Law In Colorado (Denver CBS Local, 9/24/16)

Colorado Decides: Proposition 106 – Medical Aid in Dying (Video only) (Colorado Public Television, 9/23/16)

Supporters push D.C.’s right-to-die bill (Washington Times, 9/22/16)

A Public Affair: Prop 106: Colorado End of Life Options Act  (Audio only) (KGNU Community Radio, 9/22/16)

Pro-life, disability rights advocates urge DC City Council to reject assisted suicide (Lifesitenews, 9/22/16)(Extensive quotes from Anne Sommers, NDY Board Chair)

Dignity, Sickness, and Suffering (CBC-Nework, 9/22/16)

Cross Currents-Colorado End of Life Options Act (Audio only) (Aspen Public radio, 9/21/16)

Medical Aid-in-Dying Proposal on November Ballot in Colorado (Bloomberg News, 9/19/16)

NZ Medical Association warns against euthanasia (Radio NZ, 9/14/16)

Wisconsin teen who plans to die avoids media spotlight (Fox News, 9/13/16)

Colorado to Vote on Physician-Assisted Suicide (, 9/13/16)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Sufferer Wants to End Treatment, But Some People Want to Prevent It (CNN Dr. Drew, 9/12/16) (Transcript, You Tube Video)

Assisted Suicide: An All Singing, All Dancing Show (Morning Star, 9/10/16)

Groups inappropriately co-opt Jerika’s case (Post Crescent Editorial Board, 9/9/16)

Disability rights groups seek intervention on Wisconsin teen’s plans to die (Reuters, 9/8/16)

Intervention sought for disabled teen planning to die (, 9/8/16)

Is Wisconsin teen’s decision to die a turning point? (USA Today, 9/8/16)

Jerika Bolen:14 year old teen plans to end her life (, 9/8/16)

Disability Rights Group Challenges Teen’s Right-to-Die Decision (CBS 58, 9/8/16)

Disability groups seek to stop teenager from killing herself after she decided to enter a hospice following her prom (UK Daily Mail, 9/8/16)

Activists fight to stop Wisconsin teen with incurable disease who has decided to die (NY Daily News, 9/7/16)

Groups ask county to stop Jerika Bolen’s planned death (WBAY, 9/7/16)

Disability Activists Want to Stop Jerika Bolen, Teen With Rare Disease, From Ending Her Life (The Mighty, 9/7/16)

Disabled rights groups seek to stop teen’s planned death (AP, 9/7/16)

Group wants investigation into Appleton teen’s decision to end her life (WSAW, 9/7/16)

Disabled rights groups ask county to stop planned death (WAOW, 9/7/16)

Teen’s plan to die has disability groups seeking intervention (USA Today Network, 9/7/16)

Disability groups seek to intervene in teen’s plan to die (USA Today Network, 9/6/16)

For this disability advocate, Colo. assisted suicide measure still not safe (Catholic News Agency, 8/31/16)

Assisted suicide is a deadly mistake (Washington Examiner, 8/20/16)

Assisted suicide to be decided by Colorado voters (News Cha. 13, 8/17/16)

Assisted suicide initiative makes Colorado ballot (The Gazette, 8/15/16)

Terminally ill woman holds party before ending her life (AP, 8/11/16)

Disability rights activists protest against aid-in-dying measure (Colorado Independent, 8/8/16)

Group supporting Colorado right to die law among those to submit petitions for election (Gazette, 8/5/16)

Disability advocates protest film’s showing (Silver City Daily Press, 7/30/16)

Disability Rights Celebrated at Annual ADA Gala Fundraiser (TWC News Rochester, 7/21/16)

Should people who are not terminally ill have the right to die? (New Scientist, 7/20/16)

Video: John Kelly Discusses Film Me Before You (Boston Neighborhood Network News, 7/7/16)

The Volunteers Who Help People End Their Own Lives (The Atlantic, 7/6/16)

Protests of ‘Me Before You’ movie take place around the world (Live Action News, 6/22/16)

What’s the Big Deal with “Me Before You”? (Scout Magazine, 6/21/16)

Vermonters With Disabilities Condemn Stereotypes In Film ‘Me Before You’ (Vermont Public Radio, 6/16/16)

Confronting a ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ With End-of-Life Care in Ethnic Communities (Voice of OC, 6/15/16)

Life with Gracie: Does ‘Me Before You’ encourage suicide? (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6/14/16)

‘Me Before You,’ a movie about a paralyzed man who opts to die, draws protest in Connecticut (New Haven Register, 6/14/16)


‘Me Before You’ sparks controversy over main character with disability (CBS 21 Harrisburg, 6/13/16)

Advocacy Group Protests New Film (, 6/12/16)

Demonstrators head to Bayshore to protest “Me Before You” (, 6/11/16)

Advocacy group protests new movie in Stevens Point (, 6/11/16)

‘Me Before You’ sparks criticism over portrayal of disabled people (WISN Milwaukee, 6/11/16)

The Disability Community Is Pissed AF About ‘Me Before You’ (Huffington Post, 6/10/16)

Me Before You: On Disability, Suicide, and Guts (Crisis Magazine, 6/10/16)

Some Choices You Don’t Get to Make: What’s Wrong with Me Before You (Public Discourse, 6/10/16)

‘Me Before You’ controversy puts Hollywood on notice (MSNBC, 6/10/16)

Brittany Maynard’s Husband on California’s Right-to-Die Law Taking Effect: ‘I’m Just Immensely Proud of Brittany’ (People, 6/10/16)

The “Me Before You” Backlash Was Bigger Than Anyone Expected (Buzzfeed, 6/9/16)

‘Me Before You’ Sparks Controversy Over Message About Disability (PopCrush, 6/7/16)

‘Me Before You’ Storyline Sparks Criticism From Hollywood’s Disabled Community (Hollywood Reporter, 6/6/16)

Me Before You Critics Take Issue With the Movie’s Ending, Depiction of Disabled People (Jezebel, 6/6/16)

Activists decry film they say encourages disabled to commit suicide (, 6/6/16)

Me Before You Turns ‘Death With Dignity’ Debate Into Cinderella Story (LifeMattersMedia, 6/6/16)

Starting Thursday, Stanislaus County patients will have right-to-die option (, 6/4/16)

Disability rights protest condemns film as ‘snuff movie’ (Berkeleyside, 6/3/16)

Disability rights advocates protest ‘Me Before You’ film at Cinemark Towson (ABC News 2 Baltimore, 6/3/16)

Me Before You: why are disabled rights groups angry about Emilia Clarke’s new film? (UK Telegraph, 6/3/16)

Disabling Hollywood’s Barriers: An Interview with Director, Activist Dominick Evans (Film Obsession, 6/3/16)

Disability Advocates React to ‘Me Before You’: ‘Our Suicides’ Are ‘Tragedies’ (Daily Signal, 6/3/16)

Critics protest ‘Me Before You’ as a pro-euthanasia message (Boston Post, 6/3/16)

Life is worth living, disability rights activists claim in protest against the film ‘Me Before You’ (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 6/3/16)

Disability rights advocates protest “Me Before You” film (WHAM Cha. 13, 6/3/16)

‘Me Before You’ has a disabled main character — but activists are angry. Here’s why. (Washington Post, 6/3/16)

The Inaccurate and Dangerous Message of “Me Before You” (New Mobility, 6/3/16)

‘Me Before You’ movie spurs disabled-rights protests over pro-suicide message (Washington Times, 6/3/16)

Emilia Clarke’s Me Before You Slammed As ‘Disability Snuff Movie’ (Yahoo Movies, 5/27/16)

Why Some Disability Rights Activists Are Protesting ‘Me Before You’ (Self, 5/26/16)

‘Me Before You’ Criticized For Its Portrayal Of Disability (Huffington Post, 5/25/16)

Aid in dying bill clears hurdle in state Assembly (Staten Island Advance, 5/24/16)

Physican-assisted suicide takes step forward in NY (Syracuse Post Standard, 5/24/16)

4 years in prison for suburban woman who killed disabled daughter (Chicago Tribune, 5/19/16)

Right to die debate (news video with Stephanie Woodward, WHEC, 5/10/16)

Lawmakers announce omnibus ‘aid-in-dying’ bill (Politico, 5/10/16)

NY Lawmakers introduce aid-in-dying bill (News 10 ABC, 5/10/16)

Aid-In-Dying Legislation Combined (NY State of Politics, 5/10/16)

The Journal News holds ‘aid in dying’ debate (lohud – The Journal News, 4/26/16)

Beginning of the end for granny: California to permit medically assisted suicide (Natural News, 4/7/16)

California mulls assisted suicide hotline (Fox News, 4/1/16)

California Senate Committee Approves End-of-Life Help Line (California Healthline, 3/31/16)

Capitol Pressroom: Adam Prizio and Lisa Tarricone (WCNY Public Radio Minutes 21-37, 3/23/16)

R.I. hearing on bill to let terminally ill end own lives (Providence Journal, 3/22/16)

Doctor-assisted suicide proposal tabled after emotional hearing (Star Tribune, 3/17/16)

BC lawmaker’s bill would give terminally ill the right to die (Cha. 12, 3/16/16)

Minnesota’s assisted-suicide bill withdrawn after impassioned testimony (Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 3/16/16)

Legislators Introduce Bill To Legalize Assisted Suicide In Minnesota (WCCO CBS MN, 3/16/16)

New York Gets in on Right to Die Legislation Debate (NY1 – Time Warner, 3/15/16)

Terminally ill California residents will be able to legally end their lives with medication prescribed by a doctor beginning June 9 (AP, 3/10/16)

California’s ‘Physician-Assisted Suicide’ Law To Take Effect in June (KQED News, 3/10/16)

‘Death with Dignity’ opponents argue for better end-of-life care (WNYT Cha. 13, 3/8/16)

Bioethicist’s Unprincipled Attack on Not Dead Yet (National Review, 3/8/16)

Vigil Honors People With Disabilities Killed By Caretakers (The Flat Hat, 3/8/16)

Disability Rights Groups Against Aid in Dying (NY Capital Tonight, 3/3/16)

‘Right to die’ or just wrong? (Daily Messenger, 2/21/16)

Death with dignity bill draws supporters, opponents at conference (WHAM Cha. 13, 2/21/16)

Sides discuss NY proposal for aid in dying (Democrat and Chronicle, 2/18/16)

Group seeks to legalize assisted suicide in New York (WHEC Cha. 10, 2/10/16)

Right-to-die bill rejected by Senate State Affairs Committee (Associated Press, 2/3/16)

Assisted suicide bill to be proposed in Colorado next week (Denver Post, 1/28/16)

Right to die is tricky (Newsday, 1/27/16)

Frederick woman advocates for Death with Dignity bill (Frederick News Post, 1/18/16)

Right To Die Activists Push To Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide In NY State (WSKG Public Radio, 1/18/16)

PA Lawmakers push to legalize medical aid-in-dying (Fox Cha. 43, 11/24/15)

Right-to-die fight takes shape in New York (Al Jazeera, 11/20/15)

Doctor-prescribed suicide back on Beacon Hill (The Pilot, 11/6/15)

D.C. Takes Up The Assisted Suicide Debate (WAMU 88.5 & text, 11/6/15)

Lawmakers hear right-to-die bill (Huntington News, 11/5/15)

Assisted-suicide bill faces uncertain path on Beacon Hill (New Boston Post, 11/4/15)

Legalizing Death (Univision, English & Spanish versions, unspecified date after 10/5/15)

Both Sides of Right-to-Die Battle Sound Off at State House ( w/ video, 10/27/15)

Assisted suicide bill draws heartfelt testimony pro and con (New Boston Post, 10/27/15)

Right-to-die supporters, opponents square-off on Beacon Hill (WCVB Cha. 5, 10/27/15)

Familiar Faces at Aid-in-Dying Hearing in Massachusetts (Hartford Courant, 10/27/15)

Some terminally ill adults want more end-of-life options (WWLP Cha. 22, 10/27/15)

Assisted-suicide measure poses threat to poor and disabled, advocates say (New Boston Post, 10/26/15)

Hearing on assisted dying bill due today on Beacon Hill (State House News Service, 10/26/15)

Physician-assisted suicide bill sparks Massachusetts debate (Mass Live/Springfield Republican, 10/26/15)

Disability rights activists protest Princeton philosopher Peter Singer (Daily Northwestern, 10/25/15)

Disability Rights Advocates Fight Back After California Passes Assisted Suicide (Daily Signal, 10/9/15)

Experts in Bay Area Jewish community weigh in on California’s new aid-in-dying law (JWeekly, 10/8/15)

US Advocacy Group Claims Mistakes, Abuse Occur During Euthanasia Process (Sputnik News, 10/7/15)

California’s New Right-To-Die Law, A Debate Nevada Has Yet To Have (KOLO News Cha. 8, 10/6/15)

California Governor Signs Landmark Right-To-Die Law (WGCU News, 10/6/15)

California governor signs right-to-die bill sought by Brittany Maynard (National Catholic Reporter, 10/6/15)

California Legalizes Medical Assisted Suicide (CBN News, 10/6/15)

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs right-to-die bill into law (HealthDay News, 10/6/15)

California Gov. Brown Signs Aid-in-Dying Bill Into Law (Kaiser Health News, 10/5/15)

California Governor Signs Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Into Law (KQED, 10/5/15)

How assisted suicide will work in California (LA Times, 10/5/15)

California governor signs bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide (Reuters, 10/5/15)

Those For and Against Right-to-Die Bill Rally Outside Capitol (KTXL-TV, 9/24/15)

Video: Competing Capitol rallies urge action on assisted death (Sacramento Bee, 9/24/15)

California Lawmakers Pass Right-to-Die Measure (US News & World Report/HealthDay, 9/14/15)

Is California ready to for a right-to-die law? (Christian Science Monitor, 9/12/15)

A matter of life and death (Standard Issue Magazine, 9/12/15)

Assisted dying bill overwhelmingly rejected by MPs (Guardian, 9/12/15)

Shock as ‘right to die’ for the terminally ill law is overwhelmingly defeated by MPs after highly-charged four-hour debate (Daily Mail, NDY photos but no quotes, 9/11/15)

The Assisted Dying Bill was crushed today, thanks to doctors and disability groups (The Spectator, 9/11/15)

Protests As MPs Debate Assisted Dying Bill (Sky News, 9/11/15)

Brittany Maynard’s right-to-die movement continues (CBS News, 9/10/15)

California Right-to-Die Measure Could Soon Become Law (HealthDay News, 9/10/15)

California lawmakers approve assisted dying legislation (The Guardian, 9/9/15)

Disability Matters Radio Show Interviews NDY’s Diane Coleman (Audio LinkTranscript Link, 9/8/15)

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Advances as Backers Add Sunset Clause (KQED, 9/4/15)

Revived California right-to-die bill clears first hurdle in Assembly committee (San Jose Mercury News, 9/2/15)

California legislators revive right-to-die bill (San Jose Mercury News, 8/18/15)

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Revived in Special Session (KQED, 8/18/15)

Even in D.C., the Death With Dignity Debate Comes With Strong Emotions and Fears (Washington City Paper, 7/24/15)

As assisted suicide laws spread, cancer survivors, disabled object (McClatchy, 7/13/15)

Judge weighs whether to allow John Jay Hooker aid in dying (The Tennessean, 7/10/15)

Is the ‘Death Panel’ Debate Dead? (U.S. News & World Report, 7/9/15)

OAKLAND: Right-to-die legislation abruptly put on hold (KTVU Fox 2, 7/8/15)

Disability rights campaigner Jane Campbell: ‘In the Lords, I’m still a radical activist’ (The Guardian, 7/8/15)

The End for ‘Brittany’s Bill’? Legislators Balk at Doctor-Assisted Suicide for the Terminally Ill (California Magazine, 7/6/15)

Death with Dignity-Albany works on aid-in-dying bill (Albany Times Union, 7/1/15)

Disabled rights advocates fight assisted suicide legislation (USA Today, 6/28/15)

California bill would allow aid in dying (Bay Area Reporter, 6/18/15)

Disability Rights Groups Want Princeton to Denounce Peter Singer’s Viewpoints on Euthanasia (Aleteia, 6/18/15)

Princeton bioethics professor faces calls for resignation over infanticide support (Washington Times, 6/16/15)

Disability activists protest Princeton Prof. Peter Singer (Princeton Campus Reform, 6/16/15)

Protestors Demand Princeton Fire Tenured Professor Who They Say Advocates Killing Disabled Babies (NJTV News, 6/12/15)

Disability activists call for Princeton University professor Peter Singer’s resignation (, 6/10/15)

A good life deserves a good death (Tennessean, 6/10/15)

Protesters Block Nassau Street, Call for Princeton Professor Peter Singer’s Resignation (, 6/10/15)

John Jay Hooker pleads for physician-assisted suicide (Associated Press, 6/9/15)

Physician-assisted death law in TN is anything but certain (Tennessean, 6/9/15)

Assisted suicide: bad medicine for California (, 6/1/15)

Assisted Suicide, from the perspective of the Disabled (Indeepradio Podcasts, Show #87 Hour 1 May 30, 2015 | Mark Romoser, Posted: Thu, 04 Jun 2015 16:16:57 GMT)

NZ and UK battle same Euthanasia question (Yahoo New Zealand, 5/28/15)

‘I do not lack courage’ (Radio New Zealand News, 5/26/15)

California Medical Association drops opposition to assisted suicide (Sacramento Bee, 5/20/15)

Fighting for Her Choice: ‘A More Dignified and Peaceful Death’ (LA Times, 5/19/15)

Physician-assisted suicide supporters try courts to win legalization (Modern Healthcare, 5/16/15)

Disability-Rights Champions Against Assisted Suicide (National Review, 5/16/15)

House Votes Against Repealing End-of-Life Law (Seven Days VT, 4/29/15)

Connecticut Threepeat: Assisted-Suicide Bid Shut Down (National Catholic Register, 4/28/15)

Maryland lawmakers table proposed assisted suicide bill (Catholic Standard, 4/23/15)

Half the states look at right-to-die legislation (USA Today, 4/16/15)

Assisted suicide: help the rich to not get too much care (SFGate/Chronicle, 4/10/15)

In US, Growing Push for ‘Aid in Dying’ for Terminally Ill (Herald Globe, 4/9/15)

Proponents Say Aid-In-Dying Bill Is Dead (CT News Junkie, 4/8/15)

Aid-In-Dying Bill Fails To Get A Vote By Legislative Committee (Hartford Courant, 4/8/15)

Reflections on Haleigh Poutre’s escape from euthanasia (Arms Open Wide, 4/3/15)

Proposed bill allowing assisted suicide in Delaware faces opposition from medical society (AP, 4/3/15)

Support strengthening for assisted suicide in CA (CA Political Review, 4/3/15)

‘Death with dignity’ bill extinguished without a vote (Baltimore Sun, 4/2/15)

‘Assisted Suicide: The Musical’ gets Unlimited seal of approval (Disability News Service, 3/27/15)

California Senate Committee Advances Right-To-Die Legislation (California Healthline, 3/26/15)

California aid-in-dying measure passes first committee (Sacramento Bee, 3/25/15)

Aid-in-dying bill passed by California Senate panel (Los Angeles Times, 3/25/15)

From beyond grave, support for Monning’s end-of-life bill (Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/25/15)

On third try, assisted suicide bill takes different tack (Yale Daily News, 3/25/15)

How Brittany Maynard Became a ‘Death with Dignity’ Advocate (People, 3/24/15)

“Pushing Limits” with Stephen Drake on DRLC (Transcript) (KPFA radio, 3/20/15)

People tell stories at hearing for ‘aid in dying’ bill (FoxCT, 3/18/15)

Hundreds turn out as Connecticut debates aid in dying measure (New Haven Register, 3/18/15)

The end-of-life debate (CT Mirror, 3/18/15)

‘Aid-in-dying’ hearing stirs strong debate on both sides ( Cha 3, 3/18/15)

“Aid in Dying” or “Assisted Suicide?”; lawmakers look over bill (wtnh news 8, 3/16/15)

Both Sides Get Ready To Debate End of Life Issues (CT New Junkie, 3/16/15)

On polarizing end-of-life issue, what changes minds? (CT Mirror, 3/16/15)

Should euthanasia be legalised across Europe? (Debating Europe, 3/16/15)

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