MEDIA ADVISORY: Assisted Suicide To Be Argued in New York Court of Appeals

Not Dead Yet, the Resistance

Disability rights advocates representing eleven national and state disability organizations will be available for comment when the assisted suicide issue is argued Tuesday in the New York Court of Appeals in Albany on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

Attorney Adam Prizio, who represents the Disability Rights Amici in a friend-of-the-court brief filed in support of the NY Attorney General and in opposition to legalization of assisted suicide, will attend the proceeding.

“Our basic position is that when some people get suicide prevention while other people get suicide assistance, and the difference is the person’s age, disability or health status, that’s unlawful discrimination,” Prizio said when the brief was filed. “It’s a problem that certain people are being told that others not only agree with their suicide, which is bad enough, but will even help them carry it out. It’s a deadly form of discrimination and, as our brief says, it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.”


Tuesday in Albany:

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