Not Dead Yet’s articles

Numerous powerful and thoughtful articles by Not Dead Yet Board members, staff and volunteers, as well as affiliated disability groups like Second Thoughts, have been published in both mainstream and disability media outlets on a wide range of topics related to the organization’s goals.

Disability Exploitation by AJ French (DaveWiseMatters, 6/24/16)

A Second Class Existence: Me Before You Gets It All Wrong by Bill Peace (Bad Cripple Blog, 5/22/16)

‘Systemic injustice of assisted suicide’ by Meghan Schrader (Waitsfield Valley Reporter VT, 4/16/15)

Rights Group: Assisted Suicide is discriminatory, a violation of Americans with Disabilities Act (Colorado Independent, 2/6/15)

No To Medically Assisted Suicide by Joan Cavanagh of Second Thoughts CT (par-new haven, Jan. 31, 2015)

No amount of safeguarding will ever be enough by Juliet Marlow of NDY UK (Scope’s Blog, Jan. 16, 2015)

What’s Going On In Oregon? by W. Carol Cleigh (True Dignity VT, Dec. 10, 2014)

Assisted suicide will not work in New Jersey by H. John Witman III (, Nov. 29, 2014)

Assisted Suicide Is Not Progressive, by John Kelly (Blue Jersey, June 25, 2014)

Assisted suicide full of dangers, by Marilyn Golden (Albuquerque Journal, Jan. 17, 2014)

Bill allowing doctor-assisted suicide has troubling aspects, by Michael Volkman (Lewiston (ME) Sun-Journal, April 28, 2013)

Coleman D, Assisted suicide laws create discriminatory double standard for who gets suicide prevention and who gets suicide assistance: Not Dead Yet Responds to Autonomy, Inc., Disability and Health Journal (Jan. 2010)

Let’s put this pet theory to sleep, by Stephen Drake & Dick Sobsey (Mercatornet, March 27, 2009)

Euthanasia Is Out of Control in The Netherlands by Stephen Drake (The Hastings Center Report, May 1, 2005) (html version)

Supreme Indecision, by Laura Hershey (POZ Magazine, Jan. 1998)