NDY Protest of World Federation of Right To Die Societies

Chicago Protest of World Federation of Right To Die Societies (Sept. 18-20, 2014)

Not Dead Yet and other disability rights activists from around the U.S. and Canada held a three-day protest vigil at an international assisted suicide and euthanasia conference held by the World Federation of Right To Die Societies in Chicago last week, hosted by the U.S. group Final Exit Network.  Below is a record of what happened.



Photos by Carrie Ann Lucas, NDY Board Member.

Press Releases:

Disability Rights Activists Begin 2nd Day of Protests Against Pro-Euthanasia Conference in Chicago (September 19. 2014)

Disability Rights Activists to Protest International Euthanasia Group Meeting in Chicago (September 17, 2014)

In the News:

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Right-To-Die Conference In Chicago Draws Protest (CBS Chicago Radio, 9/18/14)


Why Are We Here?

Oppose the Legalization of Assisted Suicide!

Equality Dignity Diversity Pride

Suicide Prevention for All!

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