Boston, MA: Boston Mayor Proclaimed July 26, 2012 ‘John B. Kelly Day’

Sorry we’re a little late with this.  As most of the folks who read this blog know, last Thursday July 26 was the 22nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or “ADA Day”.

In Boston last week, the ADA shared the spotlight with our very good friend John Kelly – ally, activist, scholar and Director of Second Thoughts, our sister organization in Massachusetts.

Last Thursday, John went to the ADA celebration in Boston to man the ‘Second Thoughts’ booth, which was his main role in terms of participation for the day – or that’s what he thought.  That’s not exactly how it went down, as told on the blog Somerville Voices:

July 26, 2012.  Boston, MA:  John B. Kelly, friend to all Somervillians and especially BFF with Community Access Project Somerville and human rights defenders throughout Massachusetts, arrived at the Boston 22nd Anniversary Celebration of the signing of the ADA (Americans with DisAbilities Act) today- and immediately got to work.

He had a table to organize (; people waiting for his answers on a number of other projects; and, he was also getting ready to participate in Boston Mayor Menino’s ribbon-cutting for the brand new Boston City Hall Plaza Access Route- an idea that John envisioned, provided Design Expertise for, and generated conducive conditions for, due to his many years of expert access advocacy.

So when he saw a big envelope with the words “John B. Kelly Award” being held by his good friend and colleague, Boston ADA Commissioner Kristen McCosh, he just laughed and asked,  ”What’s that all about?” And was about to go back to work.

At which point John learned that Mayor Menino was about to read a Proclamation aloud, naming today, “JOHN B. KELLY DAY.”

Please read the rest of the story here.

Please visit this link to see and read the proclamation.

Congratulations and thanks to John Kelly – for all the years of hard work, advocacy, activism and leadership!