John Kelly’s Excellent Op-Ed in the Boston Globe

The Mass. Legislature must say ‘no’ to assisted suicide
John Kelly

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IN A COMPLETE ABOUT-FACE, in early December, the Massachusetts Medical Society gave state legislators the nod to enact dangerous public policy that puts my life and the lives of thousands of others in Massachusetts at risk. The medical society rescinded its longstanding opposition to assisted suicide, commonly held with the American Medical Association, that assisted suicide “would ultimately cause more harm than good” and is “fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer.”


The bill, despite its promise of “end-of-life options,” ultimately takes choice away from people. Because assisted suicide would immediately become the cheapest “treatment” offered, it would encourage insurers to reject traditionally covered treatments. That’s already happening in states where assisted suicide is legal.

Dr. Brian Callister, a Nevada physician, reported earlier this year that two patients were denied routine treatments with 70 percent cure rates by their respective California and Oregon insurance companies, which offered coverage for assisted suicide instead. And again, once assisted suicide became legal in California, Stephanie Packer, a young mother with scleroderma, was denied her prescribed treatment but learned that her assisted suicide copay would be $1.20.

To read the John Kelly’s full article, go here.

Short videos of Dr. Brian Callister and Stephanie Packer talking about their experiences are here and here.

One thought on “John Kelly’s Excellent Op-Ed in the Boston Globe

  1. It’s always about the money. All of the attacks in the Globe on John Kelly indicate that the populace doesn’t understand or realize that PAS will greatly increase rationing of curative care. Many Americans will be murdered in hospitals and in their homes to protect profits under the guise of compassion. The ultimate goal, however, is to protect profits for the Medical Industrial Complex. The Complex depends on the selfishness of the citizenry who really don’t care that the elderly and the disabled and the poor will be murdered as treatment is denied to
    them under their government and private insurance.

    Life is cheap in this country but, of course, those with fame and money will. be able to buy safety and live as long as they want to and will be congratulated on their great old age, etc.. which will hide the reality of the wholesale murder taking place in the country.

    The courage and example of John Kelly who epitomizes the majesty of the young disabled and the aged who embrace their lives and want the right to live as long as medically possible cannot hold back the greed of the Medical Industrial Complex.

    We will never have universal health care in this country because the Medical Industrial Complex keeps growing and is approaching 20% of the Gross National Product.

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